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    1981 Group II Factory Racer

    The 1981 Coupe Group II Factory Racer. The car is front wheel drive, powered by the 5cyl. 1999cc normally aspirated Audi Sport prepped engine. It features dry sump oiling, 11.5:1 compression and Spiess fuel injection. It's claimed to have 260hp. 
    Aggressive front shot shows integral spoiler/fender pkg.

    16x10 Ronal centerlock wheels were used on the factory road racers. The tires are 23.0''x10.0'' Goodyear slicks. The arrow on the fender indicates direction to tighten wheel nut. RH for left side, LH for right.
    Left rear shot.

    Interior shot shows simplicity of controls. Note LF corner shows one of the four pneumatic jacks which raise the car during pit stops.
    Rear shot. In the trunk is a 22 gal. ATL fuel cell, 3 electric fuel pumps for the Spiess fuel injection, plus the dry sump oil reservoir. 

    This car is owned by Franczak Racing of Toronto Ontario, Canada.

     If anyone has pictures or information about these early Coupe and 4000 body style factory racers with flares, please email me at: Thanks, Perry M. Mason