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Audisportclassics Product Review:


R/C Car Power by Lehner Brushless technology and Finedesign R/C

I also mess around with r/c cars for fun, racing with the guys I work with. I needed
more speed from my car and that's when I contacted Chris Fine of Finedesign RC
 about a new powerplant for my TA03 Tamiya Audi. He suggested the Lehner basic
5300 series brushless motor and a Shulze speed controller. These motors are incredible
in their performance and consistency. There are no brushes or coms to wear out
and you can expect about a 15-25% increase in run time from your battery (based
on sanyo 2000mah nicads) not to mention the extreme power and speed increase.

Tamiya TA03 Audi A4 QuattroTA03 chassis with Lehner power

The Brushless 5300 Lehner motor

When using a system like this your car must be a high quality unit with a fully
adjustable chassis, ball diffs and all bearings. The battery must have Deans ultra plug
connectors used to connect battery to controller due to high amperage draw.  The
motor to controller connectors are low resistance gold plated and available from
Finedesign.Tires must also be the best belted radials you can buy as the high
speeds, on the straights and exiting corners will destroy inferior tires
in 1 battery run! (I know)@#!  I've found that the pinion gear had to be dropped
3 teeth over the brushed Trinity motor I was previously using, to get the ratio
right for this set up.  I've had no real problems with this product since I installed
it 7 months ago and it has aprox. 12 hrs of run time total. The bearings in
each end are all I can say that have had a problem-due to contamination.
2 bearings as a maintenance item in 12 hrs, are a lot better than the brushes,
comm turning and probably 2 or 3 motors I would normally go through.  Don't
forget, I had consistant performance from the motor the whole time! If you would
like to go brushless please contact Chris Fine at Finedesign R/C!

(845) 342-5102 - Fax (845) 344-5266
For the fastest response call!!!!

Lehner Motor Specs Chart

Motor Power(Watts) @ Amps RPM's / Volt Weight

Basic 4200 600 Watts @ 45 Amps 4200 145g
Basic 5300 700 Watts @ 55 Amps 5300 145g