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Flare Installation......................
16x9 CCW
16X9 3 piece forged modulars by 
John Purner of Complete Custom 
Wheel in Holly Hills Fla.
cutting out the front fenders
Cutting the front fenders

clecos holding front flares on for fitting
Front fenders fitted with clecos
cutting out the rear fenders
Cutting the rear fenders, inners have to be re- welded to the new outer position.


correct spoiler                       front window retainer clips
       Continuing assembly, fenders painted and installed.
           Front spoiler  located, reproduced and installed.
   Thanks to PFAFF AUTOWORKSfor matching the paint work.

                              fiberglass trunklid & rear window retainer straps

Was able to find a fibreglass trunklid to install!


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