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Audi Sport Team Joest
Audi R8 LMP900  American LeMans Team

In 2002 at Mosport Int'l Speedway, I had an opportunity by invitation of Audi Sport North America,
to spend a race week with the Joest team as a crew member - technician, and to see what it was like
to be part of the most successful sportscar racing team in the world. I can tell you It was an experience
I will never forget. I was given duties on the car such as bolt checks, cleaning and detailing, clutch change
(yes we had the trans off in about 3 minutes without even rushing!) even aerodynamic adjustments were
part of my experience. During the pit stops I did tire receiving and hand-off over the wall, assisted the
 tire specialist with pressure checks and temperature readings. As you can see from the images it was a great
 weekend.  Please enjoy the photos of my experiences with Team Joest.

Perry M. Mason
Audi Master Guild Technician
H.J.Pfaff Audi
Perry Mason  caricature courtesy of Lori Munro
Caricature courtesy of "war-wagon-cartoons at 200mph"

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Audi Camp   Learning about the R8

I was replacing a worn tie rod assy'     Perry Mason Photo   Detailed shot of front suspension   Perry Mason Photo

The travelling Audi Sport hospitalty suite-----------Perry Mason Photo   Dindo Capello and Emanuele Pirro------------Perry Mason Photo

The Boys-----Perry Mason Photo   Dinner after qualifying-------Perry Mason Photo

Looking through the  world of OZ....    Perry Mason Photo   Riding the cart up to the grid with Frank Beila and Tom Kristensen- P.Mason Photo

discussion during practice-----Perry Mason Photo   Dindo Capello, Johnny Herbert and Myself-----Perry Mason Photo

Tom Kristensen and Myself-------Perry Mason Photo                                  Ready To Go------Perry Mason Photo

Monitoring developments during the race---------Perry Mason Photo   Ed Turner in command----------Perry Mason Photo

Emanuelle Pirro crashed in turn 9   winners circle---------Perry Mason Photo

Tom and Dindo win Mosport ALMS 2002-------Perry Mason Photo   It's great to be part of a winning team!


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