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Offered  For Sale: Audi 80 Coupe Historic Race Car


Perry Mason's Audi 80 Coupe

Above : Mason Racing Audi

Click photo for detailed information on above vehicle 

This rare vehicle replicated from the factory 1981 European Touring car series Audis presents a unique opportunity to compete in Historic racing or have fun doing track days in an Audi. Throughout the world  very few Audis other than former LeMans R8's are competing in this historic venue. This car provides concours quality appearance with very reliable and cost effective track performance. The car is restored with all new components and is ready to run. Please check the information in this site to understand the history behind the Audi 80 Coupe ETCC .



Photos Of the Original Audi 80 Coupes


Peter Seikel 1981

Above: Team Seikel Motorsport

Willi Bergmeister 1981

Above: Team Spiess Tuning

Above : Team  KWL Motorsport

Bernd Lilier 1981

Bernd Lilier1981

Above: Team Nothelle

Wolfgang Wolf 1981

Above: Team Kilian Tuning

Above: Team Alps

Rick Franczak 2007

Rick Franczak 2007

Above: Team Franczak 2007 Historic Racing